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Unethical messaging is forbidden by Branded SMS/ Online SMS portal / Premier SMS / 1st 2 Touch SMS or any other portal provided by Right Click SMS. Unethical messaging includes (but is not restricted to) communications which:

  • are pornographic or which include sexually explicit content;
  • include offensive text or images;
  • incite hatred, whether based on race, religion, gender, sexuality or otherwise;
  • demonstrate gratuitous violence or promote, encourage or facilitate violence;
  • promote, encourage or facilitate terrorism or other activities contrary to any nation’s security;
  • discriminate against any specific social group or otherwise exploit vulnerable sections of society;
  • promote, facilitate or encourage illegal activity;
  • are misleading, defamatory, or that contain illegal, or otherwise actionable content;
  • infringe individual privacy;
  • put the welfare of children / client at risk;

or bring Branded SMS/ Online SMS portal / Premier SMS / 1st 2 Touch SMS organisation into disrepute.

All account actions are logged and deemed to be the responsibility of the account holder. It is your responsibility to ensure that your login details remain secure and that your account is not used by any other person.


Right Click SMS reserves the right to amend the prices and rates quoted on its website without any prior notice. However, once payment has been made for a service future price changes will not affect that service.


Delivery of messages is largely dependent on the effective functioning of network operators, cellular networks, network coverage and the SMS recipient’s mobile handset. However, Right Click SMS shall make all reasonable endeavors to ensure uninterrupted and continued use of the service.

The Services shall be provided in accordance with Right Click SMS standard terms. It is further agreed that under no circumstances shall Right Click SMS will be liable in any respect and for whatever cause (including but not limited to a breakdown or congestion in Telecom’s network) for any delay or deficiency in Services. The Company acknowledges that Right Click SMS does not Warrant that the messages sent through the use of Services shall be transmitted within any specified time period.


Unsolicited / spam messages are prohibited. Neither operator nor Right Click SMS SYSTEM will be responsible for consequence of unsolicited / spam messages. Client will be solely responsible for damages or losses occurred due to unsolicited or spam SMS

The Company shall utilize the services only in relation to its genuine employees, associates and customers, and shall not use the Services to send unsolicited advertisements or spam messages. In addition, the Company shall also maintain records proving prior consent and approval either in written or soft of all intended recipients. The Company shall also fully indemnify and hold Right Click SMS SYSTEM harmless in respect of any claims by third in this regard.

Company shall provide full indemnity to Right Click SMS SYSTEM against any law or any form of claims from third parties resulting from the usage of the Service by the Company. It is the legal obligation of the Company to ensure. Content if the messages are not blasphemous, racist, explicit or unacceptable in any manner as per the law of Pakistan, and any other applicable laws. Prior approval from the recipients of the messages has been received by the Company. Company will take necessary measures to remove any MSISDN from recipient list in case the end user complains about spamming etc. Right Click SMS SYSTEM will provide such MSISDNs if reported directly to Right Click SMS Systems


Payment must be made by crossed bearer cheque in the name of Next Logics


We promise that user's phonebook, email, message contents and telephone numbers in the address book belong exclusively to that user and will not be disclosed to any third party without the user's written permission. The user's responsible for protecting his or her login ID and password; Right Click SMS Systms accept no responsibility for misuse of account details or the account.


Any amount paid for any service is non-refundable.


Masking may be activated after approval under terms and conditions. SMS Masking may have a Maximum of 11 characters allowed. Space is included.


It is the client's responsibility to ensure inactivation or deletion of client executive status as soon as it is no longer required; Right Click SMS SYSTEM take no responsibility for client executive status or use.

If a change in the client's administrative account status is required please inform Right Click SMS SYSTEM in writing. You can email on info@rightclicksms.com from an email account which is registered with us under your account.


Right Click SMS SYSTEM reserves the right of TERMINATION of services on violation of the terms and Conditions. Terms and Conditions. Both Parties have right to terminate the agreement by serving 30 day's notice period.

Without prejudice to any of its other rights under this Agreement, Right Click SMS SYSTEM may immediately suspend this Agreement upon written notice if:

  1. Company's activities affect Right Click SMS SYSTEM reputation or interest;
  2. Non-compliance to PTA's applicable code of conduct by the Company;
  3. Company fails to company with any of its obligations under this Agreement and standard agreement;

The Company shall fully indemnify and defend Right Click SMS System, its president, officers, directors, employees, representatives, agents, and affiliates against and demand, suit, action or proceeding based on or arising out of a claim brought by a third party; (a) alleging any misuse or unauthorized use of copyrights and other proprietary rights in relation with the content of the messages; or (b) alleging infringement in any manner of any copyrights and proprietary rights of a third party by the Company in connection with the Services; or (c) caused by Company's acts or omission in connection with this Agreement; or (d) any legal or regulatory compliance issue resulted due to Company's usage of Services. Terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice and the latest copy will be available on request.

Right Click SMS SYSTEM is not responsible for any commitments made any other portal / services or software etc provided by Right Click SMS Systems.


1 year expiry date extended after renewal.

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